You Want a Present From Me? was a topic made by user UnknownSSJ in early December of 2006 as a sign of holiday good will to the members of the TPSB. Stretching far beyond its expected deadline, it became one of the longest lasting topics on the TPSB, finally purging on June 13th of 2007.

Topic ContentEdit

The premise of the topic was simple: UnknownSSJ, having a prolonged time of leisure, wished to draw pictures of people on the TPSB as a sort of holiday present. The images produced were produced based on his perception of the user, and it need not have a completely coherent shape. His drawing techniques were uncommon in comparison to what one was accustomed to seeing, yet the quality of his work was extremely high. Nobody voiced complaints about their designated drawings. Later on, user KalasHawk convinced Unknown to hear feedback from the requesters to get a general idea on how they wished to be drawn.

He initially took requests for pictures at will. When Christmas came and went, however, UnknownSSJ still had a long list of people to draw. Thus, he announced that he would no longer be taking further requests for pictures, but would focus on finishing the images of many people he had yet to draw. This decree was mostly heeded, but some users, such as ZombieTsuki, ignored the decree and continued to ask. Those who ignored the announcement were often dismissed politely.

Throughout the course of the topic, Unknown would announce a delay now and then and then proceed to discuss an overview of personal matters with the board. In this sense, it is fair to say that the topic held a fairly strong emotional connection with the community alongside its promise of gratification. Its value on the board increased even more as it survived through the winter and spring of 2007, becoming the oldest topic on the board. Many would take care to bump it until its lapse of neglect in mid-June, when it finally purged. On the 13th of June that year, Unknown made a follow-up topic, expressing notice of the loss of his topic, noting that he "only had 10 more to do, too". Those remaining few were eventually completed and posted as part of a later topic in the series.