This page is all about the The Official TPSB Wiki.

The TPSB is an online community on the forums on The title derives from the name of the board, Twilight Princess Social Board, a place created for people to talk about the then-upcoming Nintendo game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. This originated back in 2005, when the first userbase joined the forum. Since then, the userbase has grown into a full community; it grew from just talking about a game with anonymous forum users to a place to socialize with friends.

There have been many things that have occured in this community. What started as a very casual idea has eventually taken on an identity of its own. Friendships and relationships have formed among the userbase. A plethora of ideas have spewed forth from the minds of its participants. In short, the community has grown to acquire its own identity.

The board scarcely discusses anything about the Zelda games anymore; as stated earlier, it has grown into its own community. We will not make the claim that our community is somehow more unique than the pre-existing thousands of other communities out there; all communities have their share of history and complexity. However, what we do have to boast is a willingness to display what makes up our community, and a unified sense of pride towards it.

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