SamuraiXHiko (nicknames SXH, Sexiko, and most often Hiko) was considered a member of the WT community in 2004. He is described to have bore witness to the events with Jericko. With certainty, he was present for the events with Bashers. Not much was seen of him after the fact.

Board LifeEdit

SamuraiXHiko came to the WT in 2004, though it is ambiguous as to which generation he belongs. He is often assumed to be a first-generation WTer, alongside those such as Andor3 and SWEVEN. He has described himself as coming to the WT on "Day 1.5".

After the events with Jericko and Bashers, Hiko was not particularly visible in board life, and by February of 2005 he was but a memory. In mid-April of 2005, however, Hiko made an appearance, registering on Sweven's TPSB under the name Visceral. This appearance surprised everyone, and he was warmly welcomed into the community again. His reappearance was marked by music and art topics. He was the first to make a "What are you Listening To Right Now" topic for the WT, which outlived its creator in board activity.

Hiko, as Visceral, did not linger in the community for long; after 26 posts, he took his leave. Best estimates to his whereabouts now point to his home site as recorded on his profile in Sweven's TPSB, the music forums known as The Underground. Hiko's memory is honored with a role in The Legacy of Twilight.


As evidenced by his most recent observed activity in the community, Hiko was very passionate about his music. He described his music tastes as such:

" im a fan of hardcore mainly, throw in a good deal of metal, emo, and a bit of punk. Every sub-genre of each pretty much works for me as well(hardcore punk, metalcore, emocore, screamo, hardcore emo, death metal, symphonic metal, fastcore, sXe, grindcore, etc etc.)"

User Link165, when asked about SamuraiXHiko's activity back in the WT days, responded with the following:

"God where do I start? Think of him as a mix between creampuff45 and Faceless Likes Pie. Just posts funny troll crap, but knew when to be serious and flame real trolls."

Back in the days of the WT, when the fledgling community still found virtue in troll combat, Hiko was considered a noble jester of sorts, perhaps more on the side of noble than jester. Link165 adds on to this, saying that "Hiko was very respectable." He goes on to mention, however, a sad mix-up in identities as a result of Hiko's character traits, however:

"Also, there was this "spothead" named dragoonsamurai, who was a big anti-nintendo fanboy. He made countless topics, gave away secret boards etc. Some people thought it was Hiko."