Biography Edit

ricco_madboy (usually shortened to 'Ricco') is a user who wrote an article about himself without strictly having been told directly about this wiki.

He now tends to lurk, and posts every now and then as and when necessary. Although knowing a lot of the Zelda games, ricco has never completed either Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, due to not having ever owned an N64.

Ricco doesn't have a notable posting style or history. Preferring to let others do the work, his total number of topics is probably less than 15. Being neither a troll or a revered member of the Social Board, he enjoys the neutrality of the way people act towards him.

Origins Edit

ricco_madboy joined the GameFAQs forums in May 05, and became a regular of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Social Board. In his first week or so, he joined the Hylian Wars that was running at the time, then moderated by IslandofZeal and OmegaTofuNinja(?). When this board died, he migrated with others to the TPSB where he remains now.

Notable Contributions to TPSB Edit

  • Made an all-new Hylian Wars in September 06. It got to a couple hundred posts before failing.

Favourite User EverEdit

bskiffington - Skiffy you rock.