RegulusTera was a part of the veteran community in the then-WT board in 2004. A female user known for her eccentric behavior, she disappeared without a trace before her year of arrival could even end.

Board Life Edit

RegulusTera came to the board in mid-2004, and brought along with her a strange sense of humor. She began the fad of smoking toothpaste, which achieved moderate success among the WT community. She also would sing her own take on "One Winged Angel", modified to fit in the WT community:

estuans interius

ira vehementi

estuans interius

ira vehementi


Unfortunately, her leave was as mysterious as her arrival. One day, she simply disappeared without a trace. For those who were there to know her, however, she is remembered upon fondly. She is a character in The Legacy of Twilight.

Controversy over Gender Edit

RegulusTera claimed to be female. In fact, at one point in time, there was a picture allegedly of her in a bikini circling around, which resurfaced on Sweven's TPSB by Andor3's mention of it. However, some claimed that the picture was not actually of RegulusTera, and that Tera was, in fact, male. This debate is not different from many similar discussions about many other females on the internet, and, like many other discussions, this one ends with stalemate.

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