The Pie Society was created in the Fall of 2005 by drink_with_me. It was the inspiration for a number of fad topics collectively called the Food Societies


The Pie Society was born on Black Tuesdelay. When the entire General Board was flooded with pointless delay topics, and complaints about said flood, the user JAWBREAKERS created a topic entitled "a TOPIC THAT'S NOT ABOUT THE DELAY!," with the message: "So... what do we talk about?" Several TPSBers, such as drink_with_me and ChaosFenrir posted very random and off-topic messages, many of which were about pie (the very second post of the topic was "I like pie."). The topic reached around 100 posts before being deleted for being off-topic, to be followed by another short-lived topic. JAWBREAKERS (not wanting the amusement of the topic to end) suggested that a Pie Society be formed; the other users agreed and drink_with_me was declared President. The Pie Society, not wanting to be moderated again, moved to the TPSB.


Every member was given a role to play within the society from President to Chef.

Each job carried with it a certain coloured beret. All members were encouraged to put their rank in their sig.

The three main members were:

drink_with_me - President

noyrack - Vice President

JAWBREAKERS - Vice President

Fad and WarEdit

The Pie Society went through three whole topics but as it began a fourth, rival fad topics started to appear. The two thar held on were the cake and pudding societies.

These three would fight over a two week period known affectionately as the Food Wars. When they were over, none could claim victory and since then, the Pie Society has only had one topic that did not reach 500.