Polly is a user that is able to effectively troll without putting herself under risk for moderation. She is assisted by many of her "friends" such as a baby Shadow the Hedgehog, who she cares for as if her own, and somehow guards herself with other characters such as Goku, Butterfree, Samus and a monkey that can somehow take any hit from anything at any time.

This, at least, was here on her second main stay. Her first arrival consisted mainly of her digging holes in clouds. On it's own, this would not really be a problem but it was the fact that she made so many topics that she filled a lot of the board with her unwanted digging of clouds. There were many who fell for shouting back at her and just generally getting upset but hope came when she seemingly became bored and moved on to another board, or she just simply vanished.

A few months passed which then lead to her return with all her characters mentioned previously. It took a while, but people finally started to realise that the key to getting rid of her was to ignore her and not post in her topics. Sadly, not everybody got the message as there was still shouting and other not-so-very-nice things being said. Her second era lasted quite a long time with the baby Shadow getting the most attention but she eventually left again after an on-off occurance until she stopped coming altogether.

She came back for short periods of time a while after but people became good at ignoring her so any visits she made were short-lived before she left again. She has not been heard of for a long time now and it is suspected that she may not return again. Some mourn the crazy fun she brought with her, but others rejoice at the knowledge that a troll has left, never to return.

UPDATE: In actuality, POLLY_01 is still an active member of Gamefaqs, and from time to time visits the Dragonball General and Metroid: Other M boards posting random topics about Goku and Samus.