The Noyrack's best friend competitions (NBFC's) were a major highlight of the board spanning many 500 topics. Run by the user Noyrack, there were four Competitions and the format was simple and did not change in any of them. Each competition lasted only one topic except the fourth and final topic which was spammed at the end of it's lifetime. Noyrack extended the final challenge into another topic.

How it workedEdit

Noyrack would create a post with a large ASCII picture of herself in trouble. Some days there were added bonuses, for example Noyrack would say to include an umbrella becuase it was raining at the time.

Every user could then post a response detailing how they would solve the problem. In later NBFC's, it became very common for posters to post edited ASCII's to aid there very convoluted rescue attempts.

Next, Noyrack would either the day or two days after give a score for each user out of 10 together with a humourous comment of how the plan went ahead. She would also post a rankings board. Users who killed Noyrack would receive negative scores that were not capped, often resulting in a secondary competition between two or three users to get the lowest score. The base score could be increased by mentioning the things Noy liked in your rescue and the bonus was added separately to the mark out of 10.

At the end of the topic, Noyrack would declare the user with the highest score her Best Friend.

The winnersEdit

1st NBFC: TheSoundDefense
2nd NBFC: Nintendogamer88
3rd NBFC: nintendogirl1
4th NBFC: Draw between nintendogirl1 and The SoundDefense

Chat topicsEdit

For the 3rd and 4th competitions, the topic had become so popular a Chat topic was created so the Competition topic was not so cluttered. These would themselves hit 500 with secondary topics made.