Ledgem of Darkness is a more recent member of the TPSB. Coming to the TPSB around December of 2006, Ledgem is a relatively quiet user in times when she isn't arguing. She is known for her purposely ambiguous gender label and her love for arguments.

Board History Edit

Ledgem had generally lurked even back in the days of WT. However, she first started posting in December 2006 on the TPSB, earning her a spot in the community. Broader recognition of Ledgem came with the summer of 2007, as she would begin to come to the late night chats when fellow nocturnal users SparkElectro, RePmGuTheThird, and others would be online. She would play Maple Story with user pyromaster06.

During her play time in Maplestory, she provided the first hints of her gender. Users, such as ZombieTsuki, would "interrogate" her on the matter, as she says. Due to her refusal to show pictorial evidence, most have simply decided to deem her ambiguous. However, depending on the locale, this would be decided differently. Those on NintendoGal believe that Ledgem is male.

Ledgem would tend to get in many arguments, especially in the chats. An enthusiast of subjectivity, her insistence on some arguments have caused much upheaval. In early 2008, she and TheChaosPower got into a heated argument about whether breaking an unenforced law was legal or not. Since then, Ledgem has affectionately been known for causing arguments.


Ledgem is a generally quiet user, often voicing her thoughts with accompanying ellipses. She is an enthusiast for philosophy, inventing religions such as Karrism and Ledgemism and taking a very open liking to the idea that everything is subjective. Her very username is to give the image of a dark god. Ambiguity is a favorite theme of hers, spanning even her orientation.

As far as video games go, Ledgem holds special reverence to the Diablo series, the Donkey Kong Country series, and some others. When games frustrate her, she is often vocal about her disdain. She is also a Monster Hunter enthusiast and praises the good points of Maple Story even through its faults, although she has often provided considerable input in discussions about MMORPGS in the past, especially in LastPatriot's topic devoted specifically to talking about the fallacies of the genre. Ledgem is also an avid fan of Magic: The Gathering, participating in pre-release tournaments when they come.

Rag's thoughts: She's the cuntiest cunt that ever cunted. Seriously, she's a horrible, unlikable person. Don't ever talk with her. Ever.