Hylian Wars, created at the Ocarina of Time board sometime in 2003, was brought to the TPSB by the users master_ruck and ricco madboy. It is widely regarded as the reason for link1250's constant annoyance. Since the TPSB original, there have been several attempted re-incarnations that usually last 300 posts or so before people begin to get bored and leave. Since around November 06 there have been no TPSB created Hylian Wars topics.

Hylian Land Wars - Crimson Edit

In early 2007, a variant Hylian Wars topic was created by masterryan005, a user from the Twilight Princess General Board(?). This particular game had been running on the TPGB for 15 topics already, but was deleted by a moderator for being off-topic. Several other users from the TPGB joined masterryan005 in this topic not long after.

The game was met with immediate resistance from resident TPSB members as being unneccesary and board invasion. The TPGB members defended this, citing that it was not invasion if they only kept to that one topic in the TPSB itself.

The flames eventually died down and the topic was left to exist, although now it appears to be in the dying phase.

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