GameFAQs is one of the most popular sites on the internet dedicated to video games. GameFAQs was created in 1995 by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey as the Video Game FAQ Archive. Since then, it has grown from a rainy weekend hobby site to one of the largest and best known resources for amateur gaming guides and reviews on the internet.

Until recently relying completely on the hard work of its administrator and many, many volunteer contributions, GameFAQs finally went corporate in 2004 when it came in the possession of CNet. The premise of the site, however, remains unchanged. The size of its FAQ archives is unmatched and especially noteworthy for containing a great many guides for older games and platforms as well. CJayC has often reflected on the site's beginnings, most recently posting on The Daily Grind with his memories of the site and boards.

In addition to its FAQ, review, game info and codes archives, GameFAQs has an extensive set of forums as well where the TPSB is located; including a dedicated forum to each and every game in its database. While many of these forums of course lie vacant, all in all GameFAQs still has far more active users and posts made per day than most, and ranks among the biggest gaming communities on the net.

According to the internet traffic site, Alexa, GameFAQs is frequently in the top 500 sites on the internet in terms of traffic, usually in the upper 200s, although the number varies.

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