Falcofanboy was a user during the WT era of the community. His most noteworthy contribution was his in-depth debunking of the myth that the creators of Twilight Princess were stealing ideas from the Lord of the Rings series, which earned him great respect among the veterans of his day.

Board Life Edit

The following is a personal summary of falcofanboy's board activity as written by falcofanboy himself:

Once upon a time, TP was called The Legend of Zelda [tentative title]. Back in those days, we had two previews from two sequential E3s to go by, and nothing else. Andor3 flamed people who thought that Link might be able to turn into a wolf. It was an age of ignorance, of darkness, of trolls.

For, as all scholars of message board histories know, ALL ages are ages of trolls, regardless of what kinds of nostalgia people might have. In these days, the trolls were the drive-by type, running in and posting topics saying that Zelda was a ripoff of Lord of the Rings. It was amusing at first, but in time, the locals tired of it, and even I, a mere lurker, decided that action was necessary.

Sitting down one cold night at 2 in the morning, I began to type. I typed and typed, looking over my points and revising them, extending them, perfecting them. That night, I posted a topic called (you guessed it) "Debunking the LotR Myth." Therein, I explained patiently that the Zelda universe and Beleriand were separate entities sharing no commonalities save for the intrinsic archetypes of the fantasy genre.

For some reason, people actually listened to me, and to this day, I claim the honor of being the one who singlehandedly ended the TP (well, it wasn't TP yet, but whatev) LotR fad. :)

As for other occurrences in which my presence was a bit noticeable on this board... well, I got squished in a timeline debate against TheSoundDefense. And as for posting Triforce of Courage information, well, it's certainly philosophical enough as a topic to warrant though, but I think you're thinking of someone else.

That's my Zelda boards bio, incidentally.