The Emotional Help topics are a long-running series of topics for helping TPSBers with their emotional problems. These problems tend to deal with romantic relationships, but other issues are sometimes covered, e.g. stress from school, depression, etc. The current topic is the 15th in the series, and it was created by Barb_Boy. The first topic was created by King_Dodongo21 to help him with his girl problems, and it developed from the single topic to the long-running series it is today.

Past Topic Creators Edit

I - King_Dodongo21
II - AHylian (AKA Peace___Frog)
III - forestminuet
IV - ziloe
V - TK_925
VI - Tithenion
VII - T3h1WingedAngel (AKA Sephka_Blight)
VIII - akanakin
IX - belgiankriket
X - Radical Edward 116
XI - sabata2
XII - alfinchkid
XIII - SS4_Namreppiv
XIV - Twilight_Coming
XV - Barb_Boy (Current topic)