Darkside Thardus was a member of the community that came during the first generation of the then-WT board. Although he had a typical, unspectacular part of the many events during the WT's existence, his unique personality has earned him much respect and acknowledgment by his peers in the forum.

Personality Edit

Darkside Thardus was a very established debater during his era. Back then, according to companion WVI, "He was really good at arguing. We cared so much about arguing back then." He had a very level-headed demeanor; when returning to the then-TPGB in 2005, he commented on an anonymous faction, denouncing its potential elitism.

In addition, Thardus would often flaunt a humorous side on the boards. Often, he would shout "NOBODY LIKES YOU!" within unintelligent topics, putting some humor in whatever discussion was put forth. Thardus is open about his bisexual orientation among his online peers, who show great acceptance to it. He and user WVI consider each other soulmates.

He is a character in The Legacy of Twilight.

Absences and Returns Edit

Darkside Thardus had been around since E3 2004, but there were many time periods where he would not be seen on the board. By Christmastime 2004, it was written on the Guide To Those New to this Board that he was "gone forever". However, this was not the case, as he made a return in the summer of 2005, visiting what was left of his peers on the TPGB and on AIM. He has since been unseen in the general TPGB community and on AIM.