The Clipper-Necro-Blank Alliance was a faction made by users BIOCLIPPER, AbyssNecroZein and Blank335 on February 26th, 2007. Typically shortened to the C-N-B Alliance, it was a controversial organization whose creation beckoned nonchalant support, scattered opposition to their motives, and reactionary organizations in jest. Originally intended to systematically troll specifically targeted users on the TPSB, it has since degenerated to a social motif.

Mission StatementEdit


Founders of the alliance are BIOCLIPPER, NecroZeru, blank335, and are on a tier of their own.

Regular members of the group, active or otherwise, are Boffo_the_Sock, RePmGuTheThird, ThatSuperGuy, MurkyFrog, JAWBREAKERS, Zephkiel, and ZO.

The C-N-B Alliance is still open to new members, and is happy to welcome those who would be willing to join.