Clipper first appeared on the TPSB in July 2005 under the account clipper8. He was not well received, and was targeted as a "sex crazed troll". He started out by posting his messages about "DR. WINKIE", who he claimed was his master. Most of his posts were in all caps, and a lot of them contained the phrase "*makes out*". He was also accused by TPSBers ZO, master_ruck, and JAWBREAKERS of belonging to some sort of internet clan called the ZP. Clipper was indeed contacted by the ZP around September of 2005 via AIM, but he quickly spit in their faces, saying he worked alone. However, those three users continued to pester and accuse Clipper for months.

In early November 2005, the account clipper8 was banned for numerous ToS violations.

Return and ReformationEdit

During Thanksgiving weekend of 2005, Clipper returned under the account "GreatClipper". However, many of the users did not believe that it was the same person as clipper8, especially those three users ZO, master_ruck, and JAWBREAKERS. However, it was indeed the same person.

At first, GreatClipper was trolling just like he used to, but as the weeks went on he started doing so less and less, until eventually he stopped trolling at all, and he started to be accepted by some members of the board. However, GreatClipper suicided his account on NGG during the summer of 2006 with a picture of tubgirl.

Third GenerationEdit

Once again, Clipper returned to the TPSB. This time under the name "BIOCLIPPER". He was now finally accepted by the TPSB as a true member as well. A lot of controversy was also stirred up though, when he banded together with users NecroZeru and Blank335 to form the C-N-B Alliance to try and rid the board of certain users, but especially texanangel. They sent all sorts of personal attacks to her, and eventually she left. They thought they were free of her forever, until she returned to the board recently.