Screencap of the Board Dedication Page homepage.

The Board Dedication Page was a project begun by user Chibi Super Shadow on December 24th, 2005, to pay homage to the WT community. The first of its kind within the community, it was never completed and will quite possibly remain incomplete indefinitely.

Quick Overview

The Board Dedication Page, shortened to BDP by its owner Chibi Super Shadow, was made, in his words, to "hopefully preserve what we have so far of our little board, and continue to do so until it dies once and for all". His original plans for the board were as such:

For the "members" section, I will post a little submission-form that will simply collect your user information. This will show who exactly is on the board, though it will go a little in-depth with each individual.

The "frequently asked questions" section will be the section updated the most often, I presume. It's basically another one of those "Guide for Those New to the Board", though this one will be plastered on the site. It will go over what this board feels is asked the most often.

The "archives" section will include all the topics this board deems worthy in being placed there. It will include the best topics this board has seen up until now. Of course, since many of those are already purged, we will fill this section with the extraordinary topics that can be found at the time being and in the future.

With those few sections, along with the final section - linking to this board - this board's history will be preserved and frequently updated. Seeing as there is nothing else left to say, let me share what I ask of you, fellow board members.
In a topic dedicated to the site's construction, he asked basic information from the veterans which served as content for the "members" section, the only part of the site that was ever completed. The then-current version of the Guide To Those New To This Board was to be put in as content as well, but that was never done. The topic by which information was pooled from was eventually overrun by conflict between the board veterans and BASHERS33. The actual reasons for the ceasing of this project, however, is indeterminate.

Although it was never completed, the Board Dedication Page was the first independent archiving website to be dedicated to the then-WT community. This precedes the creation of the TPSBWiki by more than two years.