The UserEdit

Althander was a user on the TPSB from late 2006 through early 2007. He had came to the TPSB from the Final Fantasy VII Social Board, as part of an "alliance" between the two boards.

The ControversyEdit

Althander has been one of the most controversial figures over his span on the TPSB. This is because he was a self-proclaimed gay furry, or somebody who fantasizes and associates himself with having sex with male humanoid animals. His particular favorites were wolves and dragons. At first, not a lot of people made a big deal of his fetishes, until users BIOCLIPPER and AbyssNecroZein became very outspoken against it. A flame war was started in one of akanakin's topics, with the majority of users opposing Clipper and Necro, saying that they were "crossing the line", and some even said that they "deserved to burn in Hell for some of the things that they were saying". The topic was eventually closed.

As time went on though, people started to become annoyed with Althander's antics. Nearly all of his posts and topics started to have something to do with his sexuality, and angered many people. Eventually, another small flame war was started, but this time a lot of the people who were previously against Clipper and Necro started to agree with the two of them. Althander was soon driven from the board, and has not returned very often since, mainly because he's unsure if the board would still hate him, even if he did admit he was an attention whore.