Akanakin (properly written as "akanakin" in all lower-case) is a well known user on the TPSB (commonly referred to as "aka"), and has been posting on the TPSB since July 2005. He is currently a level 32: Legend user and has over 400 karma. He is well known for frequently posting anecdotes about his personal life, a trait that many posters on the TPSB find annoying. His favorite past time on the TPSB is starting fads.

Name OriginsEdit

His name originated from a combination of the acronym aka (also known as) and the name of a character from his favorite film series, Star Wars (Anakin).

Alternate AccountsEdit

Akanakin has many alternate accounts, including:

  • AkanakinAlt
  • OTheMonkeyO
  • ThatSpecialGuy (Rarely used for fear of moderation for impersonation of ThatSuperGuy).
  • iKanKan
  • TSDCPyroy0noyzo (Parody on the following users:

Moderations and Lost KarmaEdit

Despite being a member of Gamefaqs since 3/14/2005 at 10:52:53 PM, he has only accumulated 400 karma because of roughly 4 timed suspensions and 50 minor ToS violations and 3KLs (3 karma losses). Because of this, 7 of his 11 accounts have been banned permanently with negative karma. This does not deter him, however, because he prefers posting in his akanakin account for easy recognition.


In November 2005, akanakin created the alternate account OTheMonkeyO. Over the course of the next few weeks after its creation, through the alternate account, akanakin posted several messages such as "The monkey is coming..." and "All must bow down to the monkey..." Why he did this remains a mystery, though a common theory is that he wanted OTheMonkeyO to create a cult following. If this was the case, OTheMonkeyO had very little success, and akanakin finally revealed OTheMonkeyO's true identity. Since then, it has never returned to the TPSB.

History and Impact On the BoardEdit

Akanakin has never been the user to create a 500 topic (though has done so before with a TPSB user hurt/heal topic). He has never been the one to offer great help when others were in need (though has often helped others in the Emotional Help topics). He was never one to set up an AIM chat and invite dozens of users, and has never been one to participate in Role Playing Games. He enjoys a rather low-key appearance on the TPSB, leaving the major work to other vets. Akanakin does, however, come to the board to offer laughs, advice, points of view, and funny stories to the members of the TPSB in short bursts just in the hope of making friends to talk to when no real life friends are able to.

To akanakin From ClipperEdit




Always talking about him having sex with his girlfriend <_<

Negro at heart

A Delawarian

Krunk, drunk, and high

In my pants at night



I feel like a freak now >_>